Dr. Ben Allen

Dr. Allen seeks to help clients learn practical wellness and success strategies, to be proactive and self-reliant, to feel empowered and motivated, and build confidence while learning lifelong skills.

Dr. Allen brings 21 years of private practice and continuing education, 8 years of doctoral education and training in a variety of mental health settings, graduate business education (MBA) and 7+ years of business work experience, and a vast wealth of wellness and success + motivational material and strategies to help inspire clients toward personal knowledge and practice of such skills for enhancing quality of life.

Please Note:

Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis we are facing, and in accordance with the recommendations of the CDC and WHO, I offer clients the opportunity for meeting in my office, with strict protocol for protection from COVID-19.  Please call to discuss the protocols put in place for in-office visits and protection from Coronavirus.

I am also offering sessions by phone (teletherapy/telehealth) that are tailored to the needs of my clients.

In these teletherapy sessions, I offer counseling, psychotherapy, and/or supporting coaching to set up projects for personal growth and goal achievement. I have many resources to draw on that may be of benefit to my clients as we all work together and focus on staying healthy and strong.

I also offer parent counseling on many issues. I understand the challenges we are facing together and can help parents offer support to their children and families during this difficult time.

I care deeply about the mental and physical health and well-being of my clients and the broader community. I look forward to working with our community to support one another and get through these challenging times together.

—Dr. Ben Allen

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Key Elements of Dr. Ben Allen’s Programs:

Dr. Allen’s programs are diverse and he offers many areas of support to help you on your path toward inner wellness and success, including:

  • Educational development regarding wellness and success
  • Active skills coaching for all services
  • Client proactive in setting and executing weekly goals to facilitate skills building
  • Coping skills training and strategies to handle stress / self-regulation  of anxiety
  • Self-development for personal growth
  • Pragmatism and problem-solving skills to build resilience and inner strength
  • Working with nature and building awareness of the gifts of the natural world
  • Self-efficacy and self-reliance skills
  • Wellness and success skills for life
  • Cost-effective therapy – proactive ways to acquire beneficial life skills
  • Assistance with motivation and independent efforts to achieve personal objectives
  • Brief as well as longer-term therapy and skills coaching sessions as requested
  • Objective: to improve quality of life
  • Self-insight training to better understand symptoms, triggers, and healing strategies
  • Holistic and restorative sessions.  Learn how to restore a steady state of inner harmony



AllenBen_0219_1530_cropped and reducedDr. Ben Allen is a clinical psychologist who also specializes in health psychology, stress management, and academic and career/success coaching.  Throughout his mental health career in psychology, he has assisted physicians, psychotherapists, and various health-care and community professionals in helping clients to achieve wellness and enhance mental health.  He specializes in helping clients with stress-related symptoms, illnesses, and behaviors.  Additionally, he has helped clients of all ages to enhance their cognitive and professional skills, and align more with their life values and goals.

Dr. Allen works with children, adolescents, adults, and seniors, including mentally and physically challenged individuals who are coachable, to improve mental health, reduce anxiety, and work to achieve motivation and success.  His treatment approach focuses on helping clients to enhance their self-confidence, understand their values, and foster greater self-efficacy and commitment to achieve valuable life skills.

Dr. Allen began his career in social service, working in the field during and after college.  He achieved a bachelor degree in social work and was employed at various agencies and residential facilities helping children and teenagers with emotional and behavioral issues, many referred by the Department of Children and Family Services.  He also worked at various day- and overnight camps for children and adults with physical and mental disabilities, and managed an adult sheltered workshop at Little City Foundation.

Dr. Allen received a master’s of business administration (MBA) degree from California Polytechnic State University in 1988, during which he pursued additional coursework in marketing and entrepreneurship.  While in graduate school, he continued to work in the field of social service, and also managed and directed a day camp in North Long Beach, CA.  Following graduate school, he pursued a career in marketing and sales, while he frequently participated in self-development seminars and health-related training programs.  He sought out ways to help motivate children and adults to overcome challenges and find their success.

In 1993, Dr. Allen entered the doctoral program at the Adler School of Professional Psychology, with a wealth of knowledge about human potential, motivation, and healing. He holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology.

Throughout his doctoral and clinical training, and prior to establishing a private practice in clinical and health psychology, Dr. Allen had worked in several inpatient mental health hospitals, and physical and cognitive rehabilitation facilities.   He provided psychological and neuropsychological testing,  individual and group psychotherapy, cognitive remediation, and music and recreation therapies.

During his internship, he worked for Olympia Fields Osteopathic hospital, providing training in basic psychology for physician residents, nurses, and other mental health providers.  He presented training workshops to various departments.  Under internship training and supervision, Dr. Allen provided psychological and neuropsychological services throughout different departments in the hospital, including the psychiatric unit, rehabilitation unit, outpatient units, emergency triage, ICU, and with the occupational health facility.  He helped supervise and train a rotating staff of practicum students.

In his postdoc training, Dr. Allen managed and facilitated various inner city social service programs and mental health outpatient sites.  Additionally, he consulted and provided psychological services at eight child-development Head Start program sites throughout Chicago.  At these sites, Dr. Allen worked along with individual teachers, and churches and schools to help children and families.  Dr. Allen developed and promoted community outreach programs,  including wellness education, stress management and mental health support.  He screened for and identified individuals and families in need of mental health services, provided psychological testing and counseling for children (ages 4-7) with special needs, and worked with families of the children providing counseling and supportive services.  He also provided psychological services at various nursing care facilities.

Dr. Allen holds certificates and continues to train extensively in biofeedback and applied psychophysiology, treatment modalities for post-traumatic stress disorder, mind-body health science, clinical hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral therapy, optimal functioning and performance enhancement, pain management, behavioral health strategies for neuromuscular re-education, and office ergonomics and wellness at work.

Dr. Allen has also completed extensive training and coursework in career testing and counseling, cognitive science (the science and applied skills of learning how to learn for academic and professional success), rehabilitation and neuropsychology, dream work, martial arts, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, chi gung, and music therapy.  

Dr. Allen has 25 years of martial arts training – – 15 years of training in Northern Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu.  He has been awarded a 3rd Degree Black Belt in that style as well as ongoing training in Iron Body Kung Fu.  He provides a Kung Fu Room for clients interested in learning unique skills through kung fu training for self-development, inner and outer strength, and a lifetime methodology for healing and success. 

For the past 47 years, Dr. Allen has pursued music, playing a variety of instruments (mainly guitar) and performing vocals in various bands and solo gigs.  He is also a motivational speaker and educational trainer.  His therapeutic style is warm, fun, and upbeat, and he welcomes clients who are committed to self-help and personal growth.