The Kung Fu Training Program

Real Biofeedback Skills in Action / Self-Mastery of the Mind-Body Connection

A Unique Learning Process: Both Kung Fu and Chi Gung offer active skills for learning how to master the mind / body connection and work with natural physics. The skills are learned for enhancing energy, relaxed power, agility and fluidity in movements, lower body rootedness and stability, physical strength, core awareness and strength, and many other life skills. In addition to gaining basic Kung Fu skills and confidence, the principles learned may transfer to other activities, support stress management, and reduce physical tension.

Private Training: Dr. Allen holds focus kick pads and punching hand pads to allow a full training and learning experience for the client. No direct contact toward the client in any session. With supportive coaching, this is a form of exercise to help a client to learn and apply correct martial arts techniques and fully express well-coordinated and effective strikes to the pads. Wooden Kung Fu weapons are offered with supportive instruction in a way to allow clients to learn techniques and experience aspects involved in a basic Kung Fu education. Clients often prefer 10 minutes of training as part of a session.

Dr. Ben Allen offers clients the benefits of brief training opportunities in the following skills:

  1. Kung Fu – (Learn a variety of basic strikes, kicks, blocks, evasions, movements and stances, set combinations of moves, speed and fluidity, and strength-building Kung Fu exercises, leading to more advanced techniques with time and experience). Basic Weapons (wooden staffs, wooden swords, combat shields, 2-foot wooden sticks, tonfas, padded lightweight nunchucks).
  2. Basic Kickboxing – within a designated 100 sq. ft. area padded floor kickboxing ring – – Clients can learn basic skills by striking the focus pads while mastering the ring space (including: boxing, elbows and knees, low and high kicks, balance and footwork, stability, breathing and endurance, agility, guard up protecting the face and body, evasive moves, and learning effective ways to move around and the ring while shadowing an opponent (Dr. Allen holding focus pads). Learn how to have a strong and stable, but fluid moving lower body.
  3. Shaolin and Animal Styles Kung Fu – Learn basic historical Kung Fu concepts and practice ancient techniques based on principles of the Eagle, Tiger, Dragon, Leopard, Snake, and Crane. Experience the natural world aspects of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu arts.  Learn about the 5 Animals Forms, ancient strategies to switch essence and energies in the movements based on 5 different animal styles, skills that transfer to mind-body awareness and mastery.
  4. Chi Gung Training – Particular ancient sets of training patterns involving whole body breathing, choreographed movement of muscles supporting gentle stretches, deep relaxation and internal self-awareness, and gently focused guidance of mental awareness, with intention of cultivating balanced energy and support restorative mental and physical states. This is an extensive and active biofeedback and self-regulation training and learning experience.
  5. Building Strength and Mind-Body Wellness – Learn basic strength, cardio, flexibility, mobility, and power building exercises that require minimal but practical equipment, motivation, and a small amount of space. Applied Learnings: (may include: agility ladder, resistance bands, small round trampoline for low-impact and highly effective functional exercising, special ways to do pushups and add Kung Fu, pull-ups, weighted 15lb vest exercises, yoga diaphragmatic 8lb breathing pillow, among many other functional exercises that may include the natural outside environment and the home and work space to build a strong mind-body-spirit.
  6. Self-Care and Recovery Science: Learn basic stretching, breathing, meditation, relaxation, and wellness and restoration protocols.  Learn ways to recover and rebuild the body through rest after exercising.
  7. Home Program: Dr. Allen teaches clients and parents of clients how to set up a mind / body strength and wellness program, and bring some of these stress management and basic Kung Fu exercise techniques into home exercise practice.

Note: The above training is as an extension of Dr. Ben Allen’s optimal functioning therapy and coaching model. He does not teach direct self-defense skills for close range fighting.  This program is for building true mental and physical skills.

Side benefits of practicing these skills: Optimal functioning, enhanced health and wellness, confidence, strength and power, good breathing and endurance, healthy stretching, excellent base and lower body stability, self-awareness and released of inner tension, biofeedback and self-regulation skills.

Dr. Ben Allen has been studying martial arts for most of his adult years. He studied for over 10 years in Shotokan and Shorin Ryu Karate styles, and other martial arts styles and methods throughout his 20’s and 30’s.  He has trained in Kung Fu for the last 12 years and holds a black belt in Northern Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu.  Dr. Allen continues to train private lessons learning higher level forms and skills, and practice self-defense and basic training skills with two Kung Fu martial arts masters. He also trained for 2 years after receiving his blackbelt with a Mixed Martial Arts instructor learning basic training skills in Boxing, Judo, Jiu Jitsu Wrestling, Muay Thai, and general fitness principles. Dr. Allen is dedicated to a life of martial arts training. Dr. Allen has also trained extensively in Weight Training and Numerous Fitness Skills, Hard and Soft Chi Gung, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and an extensive variety of mind-body skills.


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