Wellness for Optimal Health, Happiness, Vitality, and Purpose

Learn Wellness Skills For Optimal Health & Happiness and Enhanced Vitality and Purpose

Is your world stressful? 

Are you ……

Feeling tired, anxious, and stressed out?

Experiencing headaches, tense muscles, digestive disorders, or other discomforting symptoms that tend to occur during periods of stress?

Experiencing difficulty sleeping?

Stressed out in your job, school, relationships?

Feeling depressed, low in energy and pleasure, unmotivated, or overburdened?

Experiencing test or performance anxiety, or difficulty concentrating?

Feeling fearful of succeeding in your goals? Feeling intimidated, self-doubting, or insecure?

Clinging to self-destructive habits or behaviors you wish to overcome?

In a stress response cycle most of the time? Is it difficult to rest, relax, & revitalize?

Experiencing general fears that lead you to avoid certain objects, places, or situations?

Suffering from brief, intense episodes of panic and anxiety?

Desiring to improve your state of mental health and well-being, quit smoking or lose weight?

If so, you are not alone. Stress and anxiety, depression, health problems, self-sabotage, and addictive behaviors occur among millions of individuals, many who don’t talk about it or seek help.

Bottom Line: How we think (perceptions and beliefs) and use our bodies (daily physical habits, routines, and rituals) influence our state of health and sense of well-being. Frequent anxious and self-defeating habits of thought and emotions, and unhealthy physical habits can become conditioned, and may contribute to a variety of chronic, stress-related health problems and stress overload.

A Stressed Out Nervous System

Problems can develop when we are tense and anxious and/or depressed, but unable to discharge mental and physical tension.  To give our bodies a rest, we need to “Turn Off” excessive stress to recover.  Chronic depression, anxiety and physical tension with minimal rest and recovery periods can challenge human strength and resilience to stress.


How can I heal from stress and anxiety?

Evaluation to identify key stress factors: Get to the bottom line – What triggers your stress? What makes you tick?  What unique challenges do you face daily?  How long have you been locked into certain unhealthy behaviors or ways of thinking?  What motivates you? What strengths will help you make positive changes? How can you let go, regroup, revitalize, reverse stress and begin healing?

Health & Wellness Programs: Get motivated with a mission to get well! Strategic health programs tailored to meet your needs. Make empowering changes toward better mental health and physical wellness.  Unlearn and let go of negative habits that may be holding you back from being healthy.  Learn practical skills to improve your mental wellness and vitality, enhance self-awareness, and diminish stress-related symptoms.

Health Education: Learn facts about health, and principles of human mind and body.  Explore aspects of your unique stress profile through biofeedback, and acquire practical knowledge to reverse the stress pattern, calm the nerves, and renew health.

What strategies may help me to get well?

 Stress reduction and resilience coaching

 Psychological and career assessments

 Biofeedback and stress management training

 Guided imagery / relaxation / tension release

 Breathing and heart health training

 Pain management strategies

 Headache reduction strategies

 Diet success support strategies

 Sleep wellness and restoration retraining

 Health support-GI and Pelvic Floor disorders

 Anger management strategies

 Counseling support through medical illness

 Motivation / support to begin health program

 Wellness at work and ergonomic strategies

 Mental and memory fitness training

 Individual and family counseling

 Smoking and addiction cessation programs

  Career and academic success coaching

 Performance coaching (reduce anxiety)

 Wellness and lifestyle counseling

 Homework and skills practice: Learn to master skills that are fun, practical, encouraging, effective and healing!

Professional Success Programs  Special strategies to enhance social confidence, improve school performance, reduce test anxiety, and achieve greater career success.

Potential Benefits of Health Programs

   Tools for reduction of stress and/or pain

   Clear mindedness and better concentration

   Increased energy and vitality

   Clarity of goals and values

   Improvement in relationships and work / life

   Greater resilience to stress / greater balance

   Heart health support and physical wellness

   Better sleep and restorative power

   Break addictive patterns

   Healthy weight loss strategies

   Clarity and happiness through life transitions

   Enhanced overall daily living