General Anxiety Disorder

Dr. Ben Allen wrote his doctoral dissertation on Cognitive-Behavioral, Biofeedback, and Clinical Hypnosis for the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).   He spent a great amount of time and depth studying about GAD and came to the conclusion that it was a conglomeration of anxiety (threat  response) in the body, mind, and lifestyle.  Overtime, we may develop maladaptive GAD patterns that become a way of life.   It is a vigilance and sense of impending danger.  In past historical times when life was constantly threatened, GAD was not only useful for survival, but people were often victims of serious trauma and that often leads to GAD tendencies as recovery and resolution may not fully occur and life goes on.

Dr. Ben Allen treats GAD through helping clients build new habits of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, and to develop wellness and lifestyle practices that enhance hardiness and inner strength.  Through mind-body and wellness strategies, addressing traumas, noticing triggers, catching old patterns in action, and being intentional, much can be done to lower threat responses, heal the physical tensions, and reduce the need for vigilance and constant worry, and to enhance quality of life.

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