Curriculum Vitae


Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL  1998

  • Major: Clinical Psychology
  • Certificates in Cognitive Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis – completed
  • Additional Coursework: clinical & pediatric neuropsychology, biofeedback & stress management


Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology

Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL  1995

  • Major: Counseling Psychology
  • Additional Training: career development, music therapy


Master of Business Administration

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA 1988

  • Minor in Business Marketing


Bachelor of Science, Social Work

Illinois State University, Normal, IL 1984

  • Minor in Sociology

Private Practice

Mind for Health Resources, Northbrook, IL   January 2000 – Current

  • Provide stress management, wellness, and psychological services for children, adolescents and adults
  • Utilize biofeedback, hypnosis, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, and wellness for anxiety-reduction
  • Adminsister career and brief cognitive testing, provide career and academic skills coaching services
  • Coach optimal functioning and skills for work-life, sports, fine arts and musical performance
  • Develop and facilitate workshops and employee services for small businesses and corporations, including stress management, customer relations, and sales effectiveness training

Post-Doctoral Training

Still Behavioral Medicine Group, Chicago, IL  1998-September 1999

  • Developed and facilitated psychological services program for eight Head Start sites
  • Administered psychological test batteries for identified children with special needs and provided remediation services, child therapy, and parent-teacher staffings
  • Promoted and conducted parent workshops, staff development workshops and community programs
  • Provided marketing and promotions to enhance community awareness of Still Behavioral’s services
  • Conducted therapeutic group and individual programs for chronic mental health patients in day treatment program, and interviewed new clients for admission to the program
  • Provided psychological testing and therapeutic services for outpatients in a medical clinic, and for inpatients in a nursing home.  Provided talks and music programs for families of patients


Internship Training

Columbia Olympia Fields Osteopathic Hospital, Olympia Fields, IL   1996-1997

  • Participated in developing first internship program which has now completed its fourth successful year
  • Developed behavioral medicine program, and provided testing and therapeutic services on psychiatric, rehabilitation and medical units.  Services Included:
  • Pain management and stress management (including biofeedback and hypnosis)
  • Neuropsychological assessment and cognitive remediation
  • Individual and group psychotherapy and family interventions
  • Psychological and vocational assessment, counseling, and support interventions
  • Music and recreational therapy
  • Provided outpatient psychological services and mental health workshops for the community
  • Designed and facilitated training programs for nursing and psychology students and medical residents
  • Participated in patient staffings, consulted with physicians, nurses, rehab specialists, and support staff

Practicum Training

Diagnostic Services Associates, Oak Lawn, IL   1995-1996

  • Administered psychological assessments to children and adults contracted through the Department of Children and Family Services and the court system
  • Provided psychological reports and received ongoing supervision from licensed psychologist

Creative Growth Psychotherapy, Chicago, IL    1995 – 1996

  • Provided long-term psychotherapy, stress management and psychological assessment services
  • Observed ongoing group therapy of assignment, abuse-support, and process groups
  • Participated in retreats, workshops, client staffings, and didactic training sessions
  • Designed and facilitated workshops (career and professional development, music therapy)
  • Provided career assessment, counseling, and professional development services
  • Received ongoing training in biofeedback and bioenergetics


University Psychiatric Hospital, Chicago, IL   1994-1995

  • Provided individual and group therapy for children and adult psychiatric patients
  • Administered 25 psychological test batteries and provided psychological reports for the psychiatrists
  • Provided consultation and assessment services within sub-acute medical and long-term care facility
  • Provided on-going psychotherapy for ten geriatric residents in a nursing home
  • Facilitated music and expressive therapy groups in psychiatric hospital and in nursing home
  • Presented two didactic seminars to staff in the psychology department

Marketing and Sales Experience

Orthopedic Technology, Inc., Tracy, CA  1991-1994

Medical Sales Representative

  • Established significant market share and sales of orthopedic products throughout the Southside of Chicago and Northwest Indiana
  • Sold and consulted about orthopedic bracing products to physicians, hospitals, physical therapists, Orthotic and prosthetic labs, and emergency centers throughout Chicago and Northwest Indiana
  • Managed 120 accounts, with sales of over $40,000/month
  • Monitored ordering process and shipping, and provided troubleshooting services
  • Received extensive sales training to support understanding of orthopedics, biomechanics, physical and occupational rehabilitation, and sports medicine
  • Facilitated inservices and training programs for medical staff and health care professionals
  • Provided measurement and fitting services for patients, and instructed proper usage of the orthotics
  • Assisted in managing Orthopedic Technology exhibit at orthopedic conventions
  • Test-marketed and introduced new products to customers within my territory

Juralco, Inc., City of Industry, CA, 1988-1991

Marketing and Sales Representative

  • Established significant market share of builder’s brass hardware line throughout California and Nevada, yielding $50,000 first year sales and continuous growth as the company’s leading product
  • Rapidly established 450 new accounts for builder’s hardware line and provided ongoing service
  • Designed and conducted telemarketing interviews, market research, and direct mail programs
  • Managed accounts receivables and collections program and produced 85-percent rate of collections
  • Assisted in marketing 12 separate manufactured product lines to trucking and builder’s industries
  • Interfaced with upper management and factory crew to support new products and customer orders

Social Service Experience

Deforest Park Youth Camp,  North Long Beach, CA  1996

Program Director

  • Directed recreational programs for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and supervised eighty-seven children and ten staff members
  • Facilitated community outreach program targeted to families residing in Compton and Long Beach
  • Provided counseling services and parenting groups at the park community center
  • Supervised and participated in several large community events

Little City, Palatine, IL   1984-1985

Sheltered Workshop Supervisor

  • Facilitated work training program for 25 borderline developmentally-disabled and behaviorally-disturbed adults
  • Provided employment training and supervision to facilitate transfer of worker skills toward opportunities for employment in community jobs
  • Designed and implemented behavioral modification programs to reduce aggressive behaviors, and enhance social and professional aptitude
  • Participated in team and family staffings and developed individualized client goal programs
  • Directed music and recreational therapy programs for residents of Little City

Kaleidoscope,  Bloomington, IL  1983-1984

Social Work Intern – Child Care Worker

  • Supervised eight behaviorally-disturbed children in a group home. Provided individual counseling, liaison services, and group therapy
  • Developed behavioral modification and provided one-year of direct intervention for autistic child
  • Participated in client staffings and facilitated individual treatment programs

Western Avenue Community Center,  Bloomington, IL 1982-1983

Recreational Director / Social Worker Assistant

  • Assisted social work supervisor in providing advocate-liaison services and community outreach programs targeted to disadvantaged children and families in Bloomington, Illinois
  • Supervised and facilitated recreational programs at the community center
  • Facilitated special daily camp program for children exhibiting behavioral problems among peers

Camp Henry Horner,  Round Lake, IL    (15 Sessions)  1981-1993

Counselor / Instructor

  • Facilitated recreational camp programs for developmentally-disabled children and adults, including music activities, athletic skills training, social skills enhancement and behavior modification
  • Supervised outdoor summer camp program in 1981 for 57 children from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Conducted music and entertainment programs for the campers and families

California Blind Olympics,  Long Beach, CA   June 1986

Activities Counselor / Volunteer Training Coach

  • Supervised Olympic activities for blind participants, and provided supportive coaching for three participants

Professional Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • American Psychological Association Division 38 – Health Psychology
  • Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) – Certification
  • International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP)


  • Project: developed and conducted 10-subject pilot study
  • Title: A Design of a Combined Cognitive-Behavioral, Biofeedback and Hypnosis Training Protocol (CBHT) for  the Reduction of Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Conducted extensive study of leading research on stress and anxiety disorders, and the efficacy of cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnosis and biofeedback as separate and combined treatment for various disorders of anxiety
  • Designed and facilitated brief 12-session structured mental health program using CBHT to help individuals with generalized anxiety to improve health and mental wellness, learn self-regulation and stress-reduction skills, and to transfer the learned skills for independent use


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