Business Coaching: Starting Your Own Mental Health Private Practice

Dr. Ben Allen is a clinical psychologist, who also studied business, marketing, and courses in becoming an entrepreneur.  In 1988, he achieved a Master of Business Administration degree from California Polytechnic State University, and from there he worked in marketing and sales for 7 years.  He achieved strong sales objectives for two manufacturing companies before entering the doctoral program in clinical psychology.  He then helped facilitate marketing and public relations for a major hospital, and a company that developed outpatient mental health programs.  He developed consulting services with the Chicago Head Start Program in the 1990’s, and served to facilitate at numerous sites throughout Chicago and the near south suburbs.  He has since developed a successful private practice in Northbrook, and offers structured goals for mental health professionals seeking to start a private practice.  He helps clients develop a business plan and marketing goals, and teaches sales and marketing to upcoming mental health professionals after they complete graduate school.

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