For Physicians

To all physicians and health care providers:

I value you as a colleague and referral source.  Regarding any referrals that come in for an appointment, I can provide the following:

  • See your patients within 48 hours of the referral if needed, and provide immediate feedback on my treatment goals to coordinate with your treatment goals
  • To help your referral with my best of service and concern.
  • Consult with you on the phone whenever indicated (with client permission)
  • Encourage patients to follow your medical and health care advice
  • Help clients in emergencies and to support the client and their family through difficult situations

I would really enjoy the opportunity to meet with you and your staff to provide a brief introduction of my services and background of training and education.  If invited to meet staff, I could provide a brief 15-minute discussion about biofeedback and self-regulation, stress and anxiety, and problem-solving approaches, among numerous other strategies I offer to clients.  Please contact me any time.  Feel free to call me at (847) 205-9605 or email me at